Local Bankruptcy Rules – Western District Of Oklahoma

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Unless otherwise provided in an order of the Court, any party wishing to present evidence at a scheduled hearing on a contested matter must file and serve on all parties in interest, pursuant to Local Rule 9007-1, a notice listing: a brief description of the exhibits to be offered; the names of all witnesses intended to be called; and an estimated length of time to present the evidence and argument. Such notice must be filed no later than twenty (20) days prior to the scheduled hearing date or no later than three (3) days after a notice of hearing is issued by the Court if the notice is issued less than twenty-three (23) days prior to the scheduled hearing. Upon review of this notice, the Court may schedule a pre-hearing conference and direct any rules governing adversary proceedings to be applied to the matter. Presentation of exhibits is further subject to Local Rule 9017. Failure to comply with this Rule may result in exclusion of the evidence or such other sanction as the Court deems appropriate in the circumstances. See also Rule 9017-1 for further obligations regarding evidence.