Local Bankruptcy Rules – Western District Of Oklahoma

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A. Attorney Signature. EveryDocument electronically filed shall contain the signature of the filing attorney excepting only reports filed pursuant to Local Rule 2015-1. The filing attorney shall indicate a signature on each signature line by inserting “s/Jane Doe” or a scanned signature on each applicable line. Bankruptcy Rule 9011 applies to all Documents filed.

B. Effect of Electronic Filings. The electronic filing of a Document bearing the attorney’s electronic signature and using an attorney’s ECF login and password constitutes the signature of that attorney. The attorney signing the Document that is filed must match the identity of the attorney whose ECF System password was used to file the Document. Documents bearing the electronic signature of one attorney but that are filed using the ECF login and password of another attorney shall be stricken by the Clerk. One attorney cannot file a document using another attorney’s ECF System password.

C. Signature Dates. Dates of signatures on the electronically filed Document must be the same as the date the Document was actually signed.

D. Two or More Signatures. The following procedure applies when a stipulation or other Document requires two or more signatures:

1. The filing attorney shall initially confirm that the content of the Document to be filed is acceptable to all persons required to sign the Document and shall obtain the signature authorization of all parties on the Document. For purposes of this rule, physical, facsimile, electronic signatures and other written authorizations are permitted. A Document may be signed in counterparts.

2. The filing attorney shall then file the Document electronically, indicating the signatures, e.g., “s/Jane Doe,” of all appropriate persons.