Local Bankruptcy Rules – Western District Of Oklahoma

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A. Enlargement or Reduction of Time. All applications for enlargement of time under Bankruptcy Rule 9006(b) or reductions of time under Bankruptcy Rule 9006(c) shall include in the caption of the application appropriate language such as “Motion/Application for Expedited Hearing” or “Motion/Application for Expedited Ruling” or “Motion/Application for Shortened Notice” and shall state:

1. The cause for such request;

2. The date due without the requested enlargement or reduction;

3. The dates of any previous applications and the results thereof; and

4. A statement that the consent of the other parties in interest has been requested, whether such parties consent or object, and the identity of parties consenting or objecting or, if consent was not requested, the reason therefor. A proposed order shall be uploaded contemporaneously with the filing of an application to enlarge or reduce time.

B. Continuances. All applications for continuances of hearings shall be in writing, shall state the cause for such request, and shall contain a statement that all other parties to the hearing have been contacted regarding the requested continuance and whether such parties consent or object. The application shall be filed no fewer than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the scheduled hearing date and time. If an emergency renders a timely application impossible, the application shall describe the emergency and shall represent that a timely application was impossible. Continuances are not favored by the Court, and the Court may, in its discretion, deny a request for a continuance notwithstanding consent to a continuance by all parties to the matter or proceeding. A hearing may be continued by the Court from time to time without further notice other than an announcement at the originally scheduled hearing of the date of the continued hearing.

C. Ex Parte Ruling. Requests described in subsections A and B of this Rule may be ruled upon ex parte.