Local Bankruptcy Rules – Western District Of Oklahoma

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The Clerk is authorized to tax costs only when presented with a judgment that specifically awards costs to the party seeking costs. Such prevailing party who seeks to recover costs against an unsuccessful party pursuant to Bankruptcy Rule 7054(b) shall file a verified bill of costs on Official Form B263 and support the same with a brief. The bill of costs and brief shall be filed not more than fourteen (14) days after entry of judgment. [Note – this is a flat fourteen (14) days regardless of manner of service.] Any request for costs shall be a separate Document from a motion for legal fees. The bill of costs shall have endorsed thereon proof of service upon the opposing party. The prevailing party shall provide either receipts, documents or an affidavit in support of the requested itemized costs. Objections to the bill of costs, with supporting brief, must be filed within fourteen (14) days from the date the bill of costs was filed. [Note – this is a flat fourteen (14) days regardless of manner of service.] After consideration of the bill of costs and any objections, the Clerk will make a disposition and ruling on the bill of costs allowing or disallowing the items in whole or in part. If a bill of costs is properly and timely filed, and no written objection thereto is filed within the time herein specified, the claimed costs may be allowed in full.