Local Bankruptcy Rules – Western District Of Oklahoma

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A. Payment. All fees must be paid on the calendar day on which the transaction requiring a fee occurs. If a filing fee is not timely paid, the pleading or document may be stricken without further notice or a hearing. Electronic filers are required to pay filing fees on time. Checks for payment from electronic filers will not be accepted by the Clerk. If a fee is not timely paid by a certified attorney, the attorney’s access to the ECF system shall be deactivated until all fees have been paid. Any Document presented for manual filing without proper provision for payment of the filing fee shall not be accepted for filing by the Clerk. A trustee may, upon proper notice, defer the payment of fees. See Local Form 7.

B. Conversion; Amendment to Creditor List; Fee. In a chapter 11, 12 or 13 case that is converted to a case under chapter 7, no filing fee shall be required for filing the amendment to the creditor list required by Local Rule 1019-1.A if the amendment is filed within fourteen (14) days following the entry of the order converting case or notice of conversion.