Local Bankruptcy Rules – Western District Of Oklahoma

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A. Format. Proofs of claim must comply substantially with the applicable Official Form. Any supporting Documents attached to a proof of claim shall be limited to no more than a total of fifty (50) single-sided pages exclusive of the Official Form. Supporting Documents in excess of fifty (50) pages attached to electronically filed proofs of claim shall be disregarded by the Court. For paper-filed proofs of claim, the Clerk shall detach those pages exceeding fifty (50) and dispose of them without further notice. Originals of supporting Documents should not be attached to proofs of claim. The paper used for attachments shall be white, letter sized (8 ½” x 11”), and of standard weight. Should attachments and exhibits exceed a total of fifty (50), single-sided pages, the filer must attach a summary of the Documents less than fifty (50) pages in lieu of attaching the Documents to the proof of claim. Attachments shall not include colored ink or images.

B. Transfer of Claims. When a claim is transferred pursuant to Bankruptcy Rule 3001(e)(2) or (e)(4), the notice of transfer of claim shall include the claim number assigned by the Clerk to the original proof of claim for which the transferee shall be substituted for the transferor. Transfers that do not correctly or sufficiently identify a claim will not be processed or docketed by the Clerk.