Local Bankruptcy Rules – Western District Of Oklahoma

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A. Amendment to Creditor List. In addition to the requirements of Bankruptcy Rule 1019, the debtor-in-possession or trustee in a superseded chapter 11 case, and the debtor in a superseded chapter 12 or 13 case, shall file an amendment to the creditor matrix reflecting the names and addresses of all unscheduled, unpaid post-petition creditors within fourteen (14) days following the entry of the order converting the case or the filing of a notice of conversion without payment of a filing fee. After expiration of the fourteen (14) day period, the filing fee for amending a list of creditors shall be assessed.

B. Information Regarding Domestic Support Obligations. Within fourteen (14) days after the conversion of a case to a case under chapter 7, the debtor shall provide the trustee with the information required by Bankruptcy Rule 4002 and Local Rule 4002-1 on Local Form 3.