Local Bankruptcy Rules – Western District Of Oklahoma

| Local Bankruptcy Rules


A. Cover Sheet. All amendments to the petition, statements, lists or schedules must have a cover sheet complying substantially with the official forms and must be entitled “AMENDMENT TO (specify petition, statement, list, or schedule being amended).” Cover sheets shall include the personal or electronic signature of the filing attorney or the personal signature of the pro se debtor.

B. Schedule Amendments. Each time schedules are amended, an amended summary of schedules and statistical summary must be filed and should include, if applicable, revised amounts and totals to reflect the amendment made.

C. Signature of Debtor(s). All amendments must be verified or contain an unsworn declaration of the debtor to the same extent as was required of the original Document.

D. Additional Filing Fee. An additional filing fee is required for each amendment to a debtor’s Schedules D, E and F, the creditor matrix or list of creditors pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1930(b).

E. Notice to Creditors. If creditors are added to the schedules after the service of the notice of bankruptcy case, meeting of creditors and deadlines, the debtor shall give notice to each additional creditor of the commencement of the case and all applicable bar dates and deadlines and file a certificate of service for such notice. See also Local Rule 5005-1(E).